Singing Landscapes

15th May 2014

Singer, poet, artist and calligrapher Sue Flory recently took part in the debut performance of Landscapes. In homage to the project, she not only drew the featured image, but also wrote this lovely poem about her experience of singing Landscapes.



(Preparing the Canvas)


Sounds, like art create.

Create aural

pictures and images

conjured out of nothing.


Nothing: silence,

empty page, blank canvas

to be peopled by notes.


Notes: crotchets

minims and quavers

waiting to be realised,

given voice,


to live in time,

to resonate in space.

Opiates to the ears.


Solo voice,

one melody,

single line of beauty

like a sketched monochrome.


(Painting the Score)


Oh yes, we can indeed rejoice

in that bright and soaring voice.

But, add some more to that one

to gain a greater depth of tone.


For music even more divine

weave in the golden alto line;

harmonising some sienna shades

giving mountains, valleys, glades.


Tenors bring a warmth of sound;

in burnt umber this is found.

The underlying, anchoring hue

comes from the basses’ Prussian Blue.


With singers’ palette now at hand

composers can create a sound

as varied as a landscape view

with texture, colour, vocal hue.


Yes, sounds, like art can create

a work of art that’s truly great.

Mellifluous beauty will abound

in a landscape of delicious sound.



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